Why Does The World Suck

Some people think the world would be perfect if we all were nice. This philosophy has been around awhile, but it's just beginning to surface. Look at Barney! If we were all like the folks on Barney, we would be perfect! I love you, you love me. Barney. Three words for you. GO TO HELL. OK, we're done with that.
If this would is getting better, why are there more gangs? Why the hell do we have to put up with idiots who blow up a building for no purpose whatsoever. The bastards were even from the U.S.! Tons of innocent people died because a few people who didn't like the government's way of handling crazy people decided they wanted to destroy a building with innocent childeren (and adults) in it for absolutely no purpose.
Our justice system is supposably one of the best in the world. Well, it's not that good if You can buy your way out of a double-murder. OK O.J. I know you'll find the real killer sooner or later. Suggestion: go to JC Penny. Go into the dressing room and look at one of the walls. If you look at the right wall, you should see the real killer. Then you can go get the management and show them.
The world doesn't like you. Some people think it does. People won't say it to your face, but the basically, the world's main message is "We Don't Like You". Well, if you have lots of money you are excused from this message. That's only because you have something to share with other people. If you don't have a lobbying campaign, you will be eliminated. Just look at abortion. The unborn are having their right to free speech taken away from them (in America?). But keep in mind that you are killing a living soul. You are terminating a living, beating heart. But killing is A-OK nowadays. If you are old we don't want you either! You are draining us of money. You are useless. We'll get rid of you! Assisted suicide? Yeah, let the person choose. Well, if you're old, and people want you to get injected like an alley cat, you might consider it. Leave a little early, avoid some pain along the way. Plus, you're taking away from society! You should terminate your life right now! The next group to be encouraged to inject will be the people who aren't smart, the people who aren't white, and the people that aren't inline with culture.
Another misconception. People are happy with lots of money. Wrong. People who win large sums of money tend to hit the crap-shoot. If the marriage is only going at 93%, the wife might as well divorce and get half of the booty. Then she can do whatever the heck she wants, and get the dream guy she always wanted. The husband rots away, not havingany vision at all for the future. Someone who's poor but happy has it better off than someone who's filthy rich with a filthy life.
Hollywood is no better than the rest. Movie stars have much less than ideal lives. Celebrities have alcohol and drug problems just like the rest of us. Kurt Cobain committed suicide even though his band was top shelf. I guess he understood what life is really like.
TV is terrible. Commercials are excessive. They dig inside your mind and try to create a problem that can only be solved with their product/service. (Promised success for your company if you use their business product, etc...). The best commercials of all are the Red Dog ones. I particularly liked the one where the dog is making the person do tricks. That commercial sub-consciously relates to the peoples' lives who Red Dog wants to sell their beer to. Teenagers and 20-somethings who drink tend to think they have no sense of control. This is usually true. They are the Red Dog. Dreaming of a day when they will get to tell other people what to do instead of working under their boss. People who aren't trying to sell you something are just going to try to get something for free. The ever-expanding scum of the earth will take whatever they can. They know how to get it, and are going to get it the easiest way they can. Revenge? Murder. Sexual pleasure? Rape/Date Rape. Extra money? Fraud. Candy? Burglary.

Remember. Nothing's wrong anymore. That makes the world quite a bit worse in itself. Everything's just legal or illegal. You smoke pot to get high, but it's illegal. Well, besides a few health problems, pot makes you more happy and gives you a few fellow smokers to hang around with. Drinking and driving is illegal too. It's dangerous to be smashed on the highway. But please remember. People are fucking idiots. They have no moral code. Anything goes as long as it's quick, cheap, and easy.

This world sucks because nothing matters anymore.

Except how much entertainment you can get out of life.