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Are you sick of Bush and his administration:
ruling the world, sacrificing American lives and slaughtering Iraqi civilians, destroying the environment, bankrupting the government, eroding workers' rights, invalidating the Constitution and Geneva Convention, giving energy and drug companies handouts while gas and medicine prices skyrocket, wielding fear and peddling petty issues to get middle-class Americans to vote against their own best-interest


If you don't think turning your back on Bush goes far enough, and wouldn't mind spending a little time in jail, then we have the perfect plan for you!

What you need to know for Inauguration Day
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  1. Meet up with others from your state
    People are coming from all over the country - check in with your State Organizer to meet up.
  2. When and where
    The Inaugural Parade route and public access points are on our parade map.
  3. Please leave your signs at home and your buttons buttoned
    It's important that participants can’t be distinguished from the rest of the crowd until the mooning begins.
  4. Get there early, the parade route opens at 9AM
    The administration has packed the route with private seating in bleachers to keep anyone but Bush’s supporters from seeing the parade.
  5. Leave your pants on until the signal
    This is a public event, but security screening will be very strict. Play it safe and don’t bring anything questionable: coolers, thermal or glass containers, backpacks, bags exceeding size restrictions (8”x6”x4”).
  6. Bush is the signal to Drop Trow
    There will be multiple motorcades with limousines, but you'll probably only get one opportunity to give W the full moon. so make sure you find the right one!
  7. Remain calm
    Remain calm and silent for the duration of the action. Please do not respond to provocation.

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The Signal is Bush
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