Feel free to print out these designs and distribute them. You won't get in trouble with me (though you may get in trouble with the real companies these are making fun of).

Not rich? Get 'em back! Can't afford a $60 shirt? No problem. Spend 60 dollars getting this one screened and you can sell one to everyone on your block for $10 or $15.
RICH PRIG (g-rated version)

You thought you were really cool not hangin' along with a crowd. Now you realize that you are socially impotent. Admit your devient behavior with this backword shirt.

Does the inside really count? We think so.

The Bill Gates Shirt
Bill Gates knew Ann Winblad before his wife Melinda. Though we can only speculate about how much, this shirt offers a hypothesis.

Windows 1984 and Internet Exploiter
Microsoff is back, this time with Windows 1984! Also includes the Internet Exploiter GIF>

Girl Repellant
Do women back away from you when you try to talk to them? If so, maybe you should think of printing this shirt.

The Butt Face
Adorn your favorite winter gear with this logo. Or the gear of your worst enemy...

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