Can I be rich too?

Why Bill Gates is Richer Than You

It takes a lot of hard work to get rich. It also helps if you are a genius. Bill Gates is both a hard worker and a mastermind. He is rich too.

But Billy isn't just rich, he's one of the richest. He's one with the quick 'n easy approach.

If there's a fork in the road, take the knife instead.

Bill Gates likes to dominate. First place is a must. Second or third is unacceptable. His company, Microsoft, will do anything to dominate, even if it means cutting off other companies.

If you can't copy it well enough, heck, you can buy the whole company!

When Microsoft came up with DOS, that was a good OS, and probably the best at its time. Then, however, Microsoft discovered that it could make more money if it copied other people. Windows, kind of a copy of the Mac OS, came out. Versions 1 and 2 were failures, but Windows 3 sold. Bill Gates was smart too. He had a word processor that would take advantage of the new fonts Windows had to offer and the GUI interface. Then he released Microsoft Money, and gave it out virtually for free. When he discovered that Quicken was much better, Bill decided to lay down some dough and buy Intuit. Sadly enough, this didn't work.

I'll be watching you

Wowie, it's time to release another OS. This time it will be called Windows '95. Even though it doesn't hold a candle to Mac or OS/2, it'll sell better just because of the brand name (Kinda like Nike, eh?). Oh yeah lets make a new on-line service! Netscape seems to be making a killing off their web browser so we'll make Windows '95 incompatible with Netscape. Then we'll hook you up to the Microsoft Network (MSN). Just sign in. We'll send our secret spy team visit your hard drive. Don't worry, you'll only get arrested if you pirate software.

One platitude I embrace is that a company should be customer-driven... it should pay close attention to what customers say they want, and then put that knowledge to work. At Microsoft we pursue the goal through systematic effort. For example, we log every telephone contact with each customer, and analyze the results both to provide better customer service and to improve our products.

Microsoft Is Watching

You said it Bill!