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March 15, 2005

WARNING: mostly crappy free and MS Office fonts


March 9, 2005

shut down petitiononline.com online petition
stupidity times stupidity


March 7, 2005

The Last Breath has eaten 112 other brains.


March 3, 2005

Get an iPod, Get Laid
"So, late at night a guy sitting in his dorm may hear a knock on the door and, opening it, find a girl who loves their playlist."


March 1, 2005

Just Ditch Those Cloths and Bathe
Charles Schulz has nothing on this guy!


February 27, 2005

Einstein vs. Islam vs. Toilets
Take a crap facing the wrong way, get damnned to hell. Thankfully this artcle attempts to unravel ways around this fate.


February 15, 2005

God Hates Sweeden Monument
There have been reports of people who got saved after visiting this web page.


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