Websites I'd Like to See

The internet is an ever-expanding wasteland of commercial and satanic sites. There are a few good websites out there too, but not as many as I'd like to see. Here's a list of websites that would make the internet an infinitely better place...

From Clinton to Nixon, from Vietnam to Desert Storm. This site would have articles and essays of all the corruption in the U.S. (and maybe the world too). There would also be a guestbook for people who spot corruption to report it and then somehow it would have to be confirmed....

Have you been abused lately? Then you would be able to come to this site and post it (annonymously if you like) along with other people. It would also offer a support forum and mailing list...

What's living in Cuba really like? Shortages on everyday items coupled with dictatorship. How about the hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Guatemala? The CIA trained Centeral American generals in its School of the Americas to torture everyone who got in their way. They don't tell you everything in U.S. History 101.

A site devoted to everyone that is dissatisfied with their government. This would not only be in the U.S., it would be worldwide.

Find out what us guys are really like. Girls can drop by this site to find out what they're really getting into when they ask a guy out. Also would have a message forum and mailing list.

Make the ultimate parody of GeoCities website (at least we tell you outright you can't move into our neighborhoods). Include things like the Hard Upload Utilitiy, GeoMinus, GeoPunishments, GeoGoon, and the live closet cameras.

Let's hear it for all the uncool teenagers in the world. This could be a teenager's magazine solely dealing with promoting the rights of the uncool in a society. It could be set up kind of like a regular magazine, except people's opinions should count more.

Someone could mantain a site that let people post their alien abduction experiences. Some people estimate that millions of people get abducted by aliens every year. Why can't they share their stories with us over the internet. Hey, they may not be true, but they would sell advertising.