Lepton isn't that great of a site. There are no pictures of nude women. No RealAudio. No Shareware. No Shockwave. No top 28 Microsoft Office '97 secrets. No pictures of Yellowstone National Park. No cool links. No nothing really. Just some weird original content.


NEW! My happy page about Lexapro

The Bipolar Express - crappy cartoon about an even crappier disease
Does your name add up to 666? - something we all want to know
Lepton's Worst of the Web - don't blame us, we told you
Eye Pain Page - aw fuck that hurts!
Nas-Tee's - Parody T-Shirt designs free for you to print.

Arsenic - For Major aches and Pains
Internet Fun - Hear your computer talk
Pissed Off at the World - Show them how you feel!
A few Websites I'd like to see

Don't let anyone tell you differently. You are just another number.

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