Aw f***, that hurts!

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if your mouth hurts, you go to a dentist. if your eye hurts you go to an eye doctor. the following is not meant as a supplement for seeing a doctor.

dealing with dry eye pain


You could have a migraine headache or a serious eye problem.

The pressure in your eye may be too high. You may want to try pressing on your eye, and if it feels like it's bugging out and hard as a rock, you may have Glaucoma. See an eye doctor immediately, as this disease causes blindness.
See more Glaucoma Information here.

See: Dr Koop and EyeMD Link for more complete information


The most common causes of stinging are foreign bodies that get into the eye and infections such as pink eye.

Dry Eye can occur by itself or accompany other common conditions...

Pollen and other irritants can cause stinging in the eye.

If you are using eye drops, an allergic reaction to them can cause a great deal of pain, even days after putting the drop in.

You might want to check information on Inflammation of the Iris or see Dr Koop and EyeMD Link for more complete information

Dealing With Dry Eye Pain

Many conditions make the eye sting because they dry it out. Below are a few treatment tips for dry eye...

Moderate Dry Eye.. things to help mitigate the pain Severe Dry Eye.. things to help mitigate the pain

Things NOT TO DO to treat dry eye

see more.. Dry Eye Pain

This is lepton, not a doctor.. i take no responsibility for any harm caused by taking my advice.. if you are concerned enough, see your local eye care practitioner

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